Yoga Offerings

I teach classes online for individuals and also offer Corporate Wellness Plans. Contact me for more information!

You can find FREE classes online on my YouTube channel, Wellness with Rachelle. See below for more on the types of classes I offer.


Vinyasa = connection of movement + breath. Expect a gradual progression of poses and sequences. We start slow and work through each pose individually to work on alignment, often holding poses for a few breaths. Once we have our alignment, we progress into one breath per movement and get in a flow.

Power Vinyasa

Power vinyasa is very similar to vinyasa described, but expect to sweat more and be more challenged. This class works on stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance whereas vinyasa focuses mostly on flexibility. We will still flow, but plan to pause for specific strengthening moves such as ab exercises to strengthen our core.


Plan to sit still (in a comfortable position) to open and focus your mind in order to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement. This powerful practice is a great manifestation tool and can help you clear your thoughts, become calm, increase self-awareness, reduce stress and negativity, and find inner peace.


Yin is considered the opposite to Vinyasa yoga which is considered a “yang” style of yoga. Unlike vinyasa which focuses on your muscles, yin yoga focuses on deep connective tissues. Yin is a slower, more meditative practice where most poses are held for 3-5min and sometimes longer.

Yin Flow

Similar to Yin style yoga, where most poses are held for 3-5min. This style of Yin links each pose together in a sequence, for a more fluid experience.

Vin Yin

As the name suggests, this class is a combination of both Vinyasa and Yin practices. The first half of the class is Vinyasa to warm up the body and release extra energy to prepare you to lengthen muscles and relax during Yin in the second half of the class. This style class is a perfect way to get curious about what Yin has to offer for those who typically practice Vinyasa.